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Telecom giant ‘doubles subscriber numbers’ with AppHelp

UK-based telecommunications provider offers ‘peace of mind’ with its support offering powered by AppDirect


  • High volume of out-of-scope support requests pushed customers to turn to third-parties for technical support

  • Referrals to external repair shops fragmented the customer experience and risked customer attrition

  • Confusion and low first-time issue resolution negatively impacted customer satisfaction

Solution: AppHelp by AppDirect

With AppHelp, powered by AppDirect's white-label solution, businesses can provide direct support for their digital services sold via their marketplace. Whether introducing new support services or optimizing existing solutions, AppHelp empowers businesses to deliver exceptional customer support.

Results: White-labeled AppHelp support

  • Now delivering 24/7 premium technical support

  • Experiencing high margins on support offering across customer base

  • Customers are 25% less likely to churn when signed up to support offering

  • 93% success rate of solving customer issues the first time the issue is raised, fixing most within one hour

As a top telecom provider, the organization grappled with a surge in support requests for issues often unrelated to their core services. Referring customers to third-party solutions, such as local repair shops, often resulted in confusion and support process abandonment.

The challenge: Previous third-party support options, like local repair shops, often led customers to abandon the support process, leaving them confused and unsure of where to seek help.

Looking to better serve customers, the provider implemented the AppDirect white-labeled support solution, AppHelp. AppHelp routes customer calls to the AppDirect team, freeing up internal teams for other critical tasks. It also ensures exceptional customer experiences, expands wallet share, and enhances brand equity.

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Benefits of AppHelp

  • Build brand equity

    Deliver cohesive support experiences through the AppDirect team, fostering loyalty and containing customer issues within a single

  • Greater customer satisfaction

    Reduce churn with superior support, boosting overall satisfaction

  • Achieving profitable growth

    Drive revenue through a high-margin model, expanding wallet share with elevated customer experiences

‘Doubling subscriber numbers,’ driving revenue further

The company started to promote a ‘no fix, no fee guarantee’ support model that enables customers to pay a flat, recurring fee each month for premium service, regardless of their service usage. Since implementing AppHelp, the team has also doubled subscriber numbers.

“We have had such an increase in subscriber numbers. The good news is it's getting a lot more interest from our go-to-market team,” says telecom provider consultant.

Since the bundle was introduced, the company has experienced a significant month-on-month increase in subscriber numbers, doubling to 100,000 in just 12 months. At present, those numbers have jumped to 175,000 monthly subscribers.

Going forward, the company is targeting the goal of increasing subscribers by 500,000 within the next three years.

‘25% less likely to churn’

The telecom provider points out that since relying on AppHelp, for those that are signed up to the program, they are 25 percent less likely to fully churn, thanks to a unified and a prompt support experience where most requests are resolved in under an hour and 93 percent of issues are fixed the first time a support request is made.

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