Case Study: ACP

Automating its reseller program and offering a consistent portfolio with an all new marketplace experience

ACP has been focused on delivering a simplified buying experience for its customers. Its journey through digital transformation allowed it to curb inconsistent pricing, support, and processes for reselling Microsoft cloud offerings.

Learn more about how ACP doubled its revenue month over month and unified its as-a-service catalog across subsidiaries.

ACP Doubles Revenue with New Marketplace

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Key Highlights

The case study highlights why ACP decided to standardize operations across its subsidiaries by implementing an all-new marketplace. Highlights include how AppDirect enabled ACP to:

  • Create a unified catalog for as-a-service solutions across the company
  • Transition to Microsoft’s New Commerce Experience
  • Double monthly recurring revenue within one year, valued at millions of Euros annually

“We had estimated that it would take 12 months to migrate all of our data, customers, and products to AppDirect. Thanks to the AppDirect team, the migration was completed in six months. In my career, I’ve never seen anything like this. It was amazing.”