Optimize your customer service with a Zendesk dashboard from AppInsights.


Monitor your customer support operations from 10,000 ft. or focus on a single ticket type -- with our native Zendesk integration you get to choose! As an AppInsights user, you’ll be empowered to build custom dashboards that provide immediate insight into the data activity and trends that most directly impact your relationship with your customers. Track resolution time, reply rates, and customer satisfaction ratings in real-time without ever having to login to your Zendesk account.

What can I accomplish with a Zendesk dashboard?

  • Identify key trends or areas for improvement by monitoring ticket resolution time, individual agents stats, and customer satisfaction rates in real time
  • Get more granular with your customer support data using AppInsights filters and monitor specific tag categories or severity levels on individual dashboards
  • Clean visualizations optimized for the big screen can be shared with your entire team so they remain informed and in sync
  • Correlate customer support data with social media or revenue KPIs so you can monitor the impact of customer satisfaction on your entire business
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  • Top Agents by Ticket Count
  • Satisfaction Rating
  • Most Used Tags
  • Ticket List by View
  • Custom Field Count
  • Average Ticket Time Resolution
  • And More...
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