Gain clarity on the traffic and trends surrounding your web video content with a YouTube dashboard from AppInsights.


YouTube draws more than 1 billion unique visitors every month and is the world's second largest search engine behind Google. AppInsights helps you harvest data from your YouTube channel for a deeper understanding of how your videos play into your broader marketing strategy. With our flexible interface, correlate YouTube KPIs with other key data sources that impact your social media strategy for a comprehensive view of your success.

What can I accomplish with a YouTube dashboard?

  • Track video views in real-time so you’re always clear on the content that is resonating with your audience
  • Monitor live channel subscriber count in the midst of email or PPC campaigns so you can re-strategize or re-allocate resources when it matters most
  • Use AppInsights as a comprehensive social media monitoring tool by adding relevant visualizations for Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to your Youtube dashboard(s)
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  • Video Views
  • Subscriber Count
  • Total Upload Views
  • YouTube Video Stats
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