New Relic

Monitor application performance in a real-time visual environment that you control with a New Relic dashboard from AppInsights.


Application performance software is an essential component of maintaining great web and mobile products. With our New Relic integration, you’ll be empowered to build custom dashboards that speak directly to the performance metrics that most impact the reliability and speed of your production applications. Track resource usage, response times, errors rates and more with a flexible dashboard that you design from scratch.

What can you accomplish with a New Relic dashboard

  • Identify customer-facing issues before they occur with a visualization library that communicates with your New Relic account every few minutes
  • Set custom email alerts that bring attention to critical issues even when you’re away from your dashboards
  • Use dashboard share-links to incorporate your dashboards into a NOC environment or IT command center
  • Schedule automated PDF reports that will draw attention to recent performance hiccups and encourage discussion around avoidance strategies
  • Allow data from your New Relic account to freely interact with data from other tools that might impact app performance or the health of your infrastructure
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  • Application CPU
  • Application Memory
  • Errors
  • Response Time
  • Application Throughput
  • Server Metric
  • and more...
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