Bring accessibility to your mobile and web analytics data with a Mixpanel dashboard from AppInsights.


Mixpanel offers comprehensive web and mobile analytics data, empowering users to understand what their audiences are up to beyond basic page view counts or time on site. AppInsights brings a new level of accessibility to the Mixpanel KPIs that matter most to you with flexible event, funnel, and and segmentation visualizations built by you! Instead of relying on Mixpanel’s native tools, AppInsights gives you the power to arrange your data however you want, delivering real-time updates that will resonate with your team.

What can I accomplish with a Mixpanel dashboard?

  • Create Mixpanel visualizations that speak to high level user engagement trends, or build dashboards that are unique to current campaigns or funnels so you can iterate quickly without wasting time or resources
  • Avoid the hassle of running the same segmentation or funnel reports within Mixpanel each time you login; with AppInsights your visualizations will be saved and continue checking for data every few minutes until you decide to remove them
  • Correlate your Mixpanel KPIs with data from your other web analytics services from Google Analytics to Clicky to Chartbeat for a full picture of user web activity
  • Incorporate marketing suites such as Marketo, Google AdWords and Active Campaign so you can monitor the interplay between your email marketing efforts and site activity and traffic
  • Add visualizations from Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms to determine which social media channels are producing the most engages users
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