Google Sheets

Bring your spreadsheet data to life with a Google Sheets dashboard from AppInsights.


Wouldn’t it be great to spend less time grappling with spreadsheets and more time understanding the data they contain? With our Google Sheets integration, users can connect single data-points or larger data-sets directly to AppInsights for a dynamic, visual interaction with their raw data. Simply select a visualization, the data-set you’d like to represent, and we’ll automatically check your spreadsheet every few minutes for any updates. Maintain your data and we’ll do the rest.

What can I accomplish with a Google Sheets dashboa

  • Liberate your spreadsheet data using direct connections between your most important data-sets and real-time AppInsights visualizations
  • Don’t limit discussions around spreadsheet data to monthly or quarterly reviews, use AppInsights to bring them into the here and now
  • Make sure that all of you most important KPIs make it on to your dashboards, even if you’re using a niche tool or advanced spreadsheet macros to generate them
  • Generate deeper insights with dashboards that contain and correlate KPIs from multiple spreadsheets, web services, databases, and more
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Single data points

  • Horizontal & vertical bars
  • Dials
  • Stoplights
  • Sparklines

Multi-faceted data sets

  • XY graphs
  • Pie charts
  • Tables
  • Multi-bar graphs
  • Time series line graphs
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