Keep your social media strategy on track with a Facebook dashboard from AppInsights.


While maintaining a successful social media strategy requires activity across several different platforms, Facebook stands out as the premier social network. Using AppInsights KPI dashboards, you can connect directly to your Facebook account and visualize the key metrics that impact your presence among fans and followers. Whether you’re newly involved in building a Facebook community, or already have a strong following, use our Facebook template or create custom Facebook dashboards so your success is tracked and quantified in real-time.

What can I accomplish with a Facebook dashboard?

  • Keep an eye on the high-level KPIs that best illustrate the success of your Facebook account: Likes, Impressions, Engagement, etc.
  • Spin up dashboards that track the success of new Facebook campaigns in real time -- you’ll know immediately if you’re gaining likes or acquiring new fans
  • Pull in media elements from recent Facebook posts so you have clarity on how often you’re sharing interesting and media rich content with your followers
  • Mash-up Facebook data with metrics from other popular platforms -- Instagram, Twitter, Youtube -- so you have a holistic view of your social media success
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  • Feed Details
  • Page Likes
  • Page Views
  • Page Posts Impressions
  • Page Engagement
  • Engagement Ratio
  • And More...
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