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Take your customer support to the next level with a dashboard.


Monitor how your customers are interacting with your support team and track your response time and quality on a real-time dashboard for AppInsights allows you to customize your dashboards with metrics that are unique to your company without any need for coding. Share your findings with your team and help raise the bar for your helpdesk team.

What can I see in a dashboard?

  • Track ticket status, response time, agent performance, satisfaction ratings, and more in real-time
  • Beautiful and clean visualizations allow your team to know exactly how their are doing at a glance
  • Mix in data from different aspects of your business so you can put everything into context
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Cases Count

Latest Cases (with details)

Oldest Cases Leaderboard

Cases Rates (rates that cases are closed)

Agent Replies per Resolve

Agent Time Online

Average Handle Time

Average Interactions

and more...

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