Incorporate data visualization and manage your sales process more effectively with a dashboard from AppInsights.


Keeping an eye on your CRM is crucial to managing your sales process. is an awesome tool, and with our expansive integration you’ll be empowered to track your sales funnel from lead generation through final purchase. Extract your key metrics and bring your sales data to life with stunning visualizations and a drag-&-drop interface that requires no coding, ever.

What can I accomplish with a dashboard?

  • Build team-facing dashboards that educate your salespeople on progress and encourage a healthy sense of competition in pursuit of goals
  • Visually represent your custom Smart View lists so you can track the lead and opportunity trends that are most relevant to your growth
  • Combine data with usage info from analytics tools for a complete picture of how potential customers are moving through your funnel
  • Pull in customer support data and gain new insight on leads that are ripe for conversion, or customers presenting upsell opportunities
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  • Activity Report
  • Lead Status Transitions
  • Opportunity Status Count
  • Sent Emails Report
  • Smart View and Query Count Detail
  • And More...
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