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The numbers couldn't be more clear: Companies, especially small and medium-sized business (SMBs), need onboarding and ongoing support services after they buy cloud-based applications. In fact, 45 percent of SMBs pay for support at least once a year, and SMBs spend $400 million on computer and network setup, as well as installation services, every year.

With AppHelp, providers can deploy expert cloud enablement and IT HelpDesk solutions that drive value for customers and results for your business. AppHelp not only supports customers by providing premium technical support for SaaS, but also IoT and connected devices, such as smart home systems. 

AppHelp allows you to:

  • Solve technical issues outside of your core services
  • Simplify and standardize the customer experience
  • Deepen customer relationships and earn trusted advisor status
  • Increase ARPU through upsell and crosssell opportunities on your core apps

Across the companies we work with, AppHelp achieves:

  • 93% First call resolution
  • 90%+ Customer satisfaction
  • +78 Net promoter score

See what makes AppHelp the preferred choice of innovative companies worldwide. 

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