SmartSupport Services Addendum

The following technical support services addendum ("Addendum") applies to support services (“Services”) for Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace subscription sales orders (“Order”) and is governed by AppDirect Marketplace End-Customer Agreement set forth at (the “Agreement”).

Capitalized terms not defined herein have the meaning set forth in the Agreement that governs the relationship between AppDirect CSP, Inc. (“AppDirect”) and Customer.

SmartSupport Services are available as a subscription-based technical support service for products sold through the AppDirect Marketplace. Services are provided by: AppDirect CSP, Inc. a company registered in the United States whose registered office is at 447 Sutter Street Ste 405 PMB1116, San Francisco, CA 94108 (“AppDirect”); to Customer.

1. Services.

    Pursuant to this Addendum, AppDirect will provide additional support and related services as set forth below. The following conditions apply with respect to the SmartSupport Services:

    • An active SmartSupport subscription is required.

    • The SmartSupport subscription shall be for an initial 12-month period.

    • SmartSupport is provided remotely and available in English only.

    1.1 Technical Support. The Company is procuring third-party services from AppDirect pursuant to the AppDirect Marketplace End-Customer Agreement. Certain support services for the third-party services are provided by the applicable third-party provider.

    1.2 Administrative Account. AppDirect may maintain an administrative account for Customer’s Services solely for technical support and account management purposes.

    1.3 Support Tickets. AppDirect shall provide a helpdesk service to record and manage all support tickets and service requests made by the Customer. Support Services are available 24/7 via phone, chat, or email. Customer's End Users of the Services may access the Help Center at

    1.4 Customer Efforts. Prior to making a Request for support, Customer will use reasonable efforts to resolve issues and fix any error, bug, malfunction, or network connectivity defect without escalation to AppDirect. When making a Request, Customer will provide requested diagnostic information including but not limited to: (i) describing the problem, the configuration, and Customer's network; (ii) providing relevant data; and (iii) answering questions and assisting helpdesk agents as appropriate.

    1.5 Request Classifications. Upon the Company’s request, AppDirect will classify support according to severity and nature. Resolution will adhere to the following priority designation:



      Priority 1

      Business Critical Failures: An error which prevents all useful work from being done by all users or which disables major functions from being performed by all users.

      Priority 2

      System Defect with Workaround: Either a critical error for which a work around exists or else a non-critical error that significantly affects the functionality of the product.

      Priority 3

      Benign Error: An isolated or benign error. This is an error which does not significantly affect the functionality of the product, disables only certain non-essential functions, and does not materially impact system performance.

      1. 6  Response Levels. AppDirect will respond to all tickets by acknowledging receipt of the support request. Upon logging a support ticket, AppDirect will make commercially reasonable efforts to follow the Response Protocol listed below until the issue is resolved.


        Response Time


        Priority 1

        15 minutes > 60 minutes

        Every 4 hours

        Priority 2

        2 hours

        Once per day

        Priority 3

        4 hours

        Once per week

        1.7 Service Limitations. AppDirect will make reasonable efforts to address all support requests. Where the issue is not resolvable immediately, AppDirect may provide escalation of the ticket on behalf of the Customer to a third-party provider for additional diagnosis and technical support. AppDirect will remain the primary point of contact with Customer to assist in coordinating the ticket. Due to the high complexity and variety of issue types, Customer acknowledges and understands that AppDirect may be unable to provide answers to, or resolve, all tickets.

        1.8 Scope of Service. This Agreement covers maintenance of the products and applications as detailed in Exhibit A and Exhibit B only. AppDirect will act as the first point of contact for support request for the following technical and subscription issues:

          • Assistance with licensed product installation

          • Setup and configuration

          • Service administration

          • How-to questions and advice

          • Problem diagnosis and troubleshooting

          • Managed escalations to third-party provider for out-of-scope issues

          • Marketplace support and billing inquiries

          1.9 General Provisions. To ensure optimal performance of the Services, the following requirements will apply:

            • The Company must have an active subscription and access to the product(s).

            • The Company is using the latest available version of the product.

            • The hardware on which the product is installed must meet minimum requirements including hardware, software, and compatible devices.

            1.10 Additional Services. Customers may purchase the following Services for SmartSupport for an additional fee.

            • Productivity Suite Onboarding. Expert assistance to help setup and deploy your productivity applications.

            • Email Server to Cloud Migration. Migrate your server-based email with the help of certified experts.

            2. Excluded Services. 

            Notwithstanding any term of the Agreement that may indicate otherwise, AppDirect does not offer technical support or services for any of the following:

            • Linux/Unix

            • Beta versions of products

            • Servers and domain-level support

            • Computer programming and software development

            • On-site support

            • Physical wiring of devices, networking hardware and peripherals

            • Manual or forced resetting of passwords outside of official password recovery channels.

            • System issues caused by viruses, malware, other malicious code or account compromises.

            2. 1 License of Products. Service availability and software license use is covered by Microsoft Customer Agreement and/or Google Workspace Terms of Service. This support addendum does not relate to, or cover availability of, the underling subscriptions services themselves or any issue which is outside of the control of AppDirect including, but not limited to, computer configuration, networks, and bandwidth, which are in no way covered by the Services in Section 1 above.

              3. Definitions. 

              For the purpose of this Addendum, the terms below will have the following meanings:

              3. 1 “Issue” means any failure, malfunction, or abnormal performance of products and applications as identified in Exhibit A or Exhibit B reported by the Customer to AppDirect

              3.2 "Request" means a request from Customer to AppDirect for technical support to resolve a question or problem regarding the performance of products and applications as identified in Exhibit A or Exhibit

              3.3 “Response Time” means the time interval between the first report by the Customer of an Issue and the first intervention by the helpdesk agent. This does not include outside normal business hours.

              3. 4 "Priority" means the level of impact a Request is having on Customer's operations and is used to establish target response times.

              4. Microsoft Partner of Record. 

              Microsoft's CPOR program awards and recognizes partners who deliver services utilizing Microsoft solutions and best practices. This program is called "Claimed Partner of Record" (CPOR). As a certified Microsoft partner, AppDirect leverages this program to inform customers of all promotions and funding programs being made available. The customer acknowledges that AppDirect will request association to the Microsoft Customer Tenant ID under the Microsoft Partner Incentives program, and that as part of their association, AppDirect will identify specific Microsoft workloads currently in scope for this engagement, as well as any future workloads in connection with any SmartSupport for Microsoft services provided to the customer. The customer also agrees to provide supporting documentation to Microsoft, if required, to validate AppDirect services and partner support activities. Examples of supporting materials may include but are not limited to: Statement of Work, Migration Plans, Service Tickets, PoC Architecture, etc...

              5. Exhibit A Google Workspace Products

                Gmail and Calendar

                Groups for Business

                Chat and chat spaces

                Digital whiteboarding with Jamboard

                Drive storage and Docs editors

                Video conferencing with Meet

                Directory management



                Notetaking with Keep

                Google Vault for eDiscovery and information governance

                6. Exhibit B Microsoft 365 Products

                  Advanced Communications

                  Advanced eDiscovery

                  Azure Active Directory Premium P1

                  Azure Active Directory Premium P2

                  Azure Information Protection Premium P1

                  Business Apps

                  Compliance Manager Premium

                  Dynamics 365 Asset Management

                  Dynamics 365 Business Central

                  Dynamics 365 Commerce

                  Dynamics 365 Customer Insights

                  Dynamics 365 Customer Service

                  Dynamics 365 Field Service

                  Dynamics 365 Finance

                  Dynamics 365 Guides

                  Dynamics 365 Human Resources

                  Dynamics 365 Marketing

                  Dynamics 365 Operations

                  Dynamics 365 Project Ops

                  Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise

                  Dynamics 365 Sales Insights

                  Dynamics 365 Sales Premium

                  Dynamics 365 Sales Professional

                  Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management

                  Enterprise Mobility + Security

                  Exchange Online

                  Exchange Online Kiosk

                  Exchange Online Protection


                  Microsoft 365 Apps

                  Microsoft 365 Audio Conferencing

                  Microsoft 365 Business Basic

                  Microsoft 365 Business Premium

                  Microsoft 365 Business Standard

                  Microsoft 365 E3

                  Microsoft 365 E5

                  Microsoft 365 E5 Compliance

                  Microsoft 365 E5 eDiscovery and Audit

                  Microsoft 365 E5 Information Protection and Governance

                  Microsoft 365 E5 Insider Risk Management

                  Microsoft 365 E5 Security

                  Microsoft 365 F1

                  Microsoft 365 F3

                  Microsoft 365 F5 Compliance

                  Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps

                  Microsoft Defender for Endpoint

                  Microsoft Defender for Endpoint Server

                  Microsoft Defender for Identity

                  Microsoft Defender for Office 365

                  Microsoft Teams Essentials (AAD Identity)

                  Microsoft Teams Phone

                  Microsoft Viva

                  Office 365 Data Loss Prevention

                  Office 365 E1

                  Office 365 E3

                  Office 365 E5

                  Office 365 F3

                  OneDrive for business

                  Operator Connect

                  Power Apps

                  Power Automate

                  Power BI



                  Universal Print


                  Windows 10/11 Enterprise and Pro

                  Windows 365 Business