Vodafone is one of the world's largest telecommunications companies providing a wide range of services that include voice, messaging, and data across mobile and fixed networks. Vodafone Group operates regionally in 26 countries and services over 450 million customers worldwide.

Further establishing itself as a leading information and communication technology provider, Vodafone was looking to grow its SaaS business in a cost-efficient manner. Vodafone Group sought a flexible solution that could become the recommended provider for its many operating companies around the world - a standard platform that could support multiple deployment models.


The first Vodafone Digital Marketplace launched in Italy in 2016 with a suite of applications targeting multiple small business sectors, from hospitality to construction. Marketplaces later rolled out across key Vodafone geographies, including Germany and most recently, Spain.

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"Bringing world class business apps to the demanding and critical SME sector is an important development for Vodafone and I believe that this new service will prove to be a flexible and agile way of introducing new capabilities alongside Vodafone’s services to these important customers."

Jeni Mundy, Group Enterprise Product Management Director


Through the AppDirect platform, Vodafone is able to provision applications more quickly, meeting the needs of its customers in today's on-demand world. The improvements to the overall customer experience have resulted in higher Net Promotor Scores and the platform has increased the company's efficiency as well. New products can be launched in a matter of weeks whereas previously it could take many months and up to a year.

Marketplaces are set to roll out in additional regions soon, and Vodafone continues to scale its existing marketplaces through new offerings and service bundles.