Run a Smooth Beta Test With Prefinery

By Doriane Mouret / April 27, 2011

Prefinery Screenshot

Startups often need to go through a beta phase before their offering is mature and robust enough to present to the public. Indeed, beta testers are an essential source of feedback, helping startups develop unique features and fixing fatal flaws.

However, managing the beta process -- signing up users, then tracking invitation codes and participation -- can be time consuming and distracting for startups that need extreme focus on their product or service. That's why Prefinery's smart application makes so much sense.

Prefinery is a complete and efficient tool that helps launch a beta project in seconds by customizing an HTML signup form and easily installing it on your company's site. The application makes it easy to invite testers and tracks their participation throughout the beta process. In March, Prefinery announced email analytics, which means you can see the open rate of your emails sent through the application.

AppDirect is proud to list Prefinery in its application marketplace, because it helped us with own beta. Using this application allowed our team to focus on building the AppDirect site while getting feedback from live users. With help from Prefinery, AppDirect was able to quickly implement significant improvements. And we're not the only one who have noticed how well it works. Derrick Thompson from Daily Digital notes, “Prefinery provides a slick API that is easy to integrate and saves thousands of dollars in development.”

Prefinery is available on AppDirect MarketPlace. Try the free edition today and let us know what you think.