Profitably Gives Small Business Owners Clear View of Bottom Line

By Doriane Mouret / August 2, 2011

Profitability Screenshot

Bookkeeping and finance is tough, critical work for a corporation -- but they can be a nightmare for small business owners. They spend more than 20 percent1 of their time doing bookkeeping and related financial number crunching.

This is time they should be using to build their businesses, not running numbers and generating reports, says Adam Neary, CEO at Profitably. “You have the idea, you develop your product, and you start selling it and making money,” he says. “But now you’re dealing with complex accounting and financial planning issues. And continued success just means more bookkeeping.”

Here's how Profitability can help: This smart solution quickly extracts actionable analysis from QuickBooks data, giving entrepreneurs a clear view of their accounting and the confidence that comes with understanding the state of the business. The web-based software connects securely to business applications and provides insight into critical information such as employee costs and cash flow. Additionally, users can perform customer profitability analysis, viewing of all customers in one place, and even learning strategies for maximizing revenue. Simply put, Profitably’s beautiful, easy-to-use interface makes it easy to access the bottom line.

Diego Alvarez, founder of Virtualis, says Profitably dramatically improved his business. “Profitably saves us time by automatically generating reports that we otherwise would have to produce manually,” he says. “And I like the graphical reports -- they make the data easy for anybody to understand.” You can start a free trial of this powerful financial analytic app at AppDirect.

1 2010 Survey of Small Business Owners, ADP Research Institute, October 2010