Keep Your Skilled Service Teams in the Field with Condructus

By Doriane Mouret / May 17, 2011

Conductrus Screenshot

Delivering staffing levels that align with your strategic business goals can make the difference between turning a profit and losing a customer. Small companies with hourly workforces face the challenge of efficiently deploying limited human resources and still meeting customer expectations. Add to that complex regulations and shifting labor requirements, and it’s obvious that optimization of a field service workforce is no small matter.

Andy Wright, founder of Conductrus, has first-hand experience with these issues -- so he put that knowledge into the app. “I worked on the database and built a prototype with a friend. We realized there was a large opportunity if we could build a product that helped any small field service company send the right technician to the right place, at the right time," he remembers. "So I hired a Rails developer and the user interface/graphic designer and 18 months later we had built Conductrus.”

The key to meeting the challenge is to have a software solution that can accurately forecast, schedule, and optimize workforce deployment no matter how complex the business landscape. Conductrus is a web-based field service management application specifically designed to meet these needs and help users take control of their service organizations. Conductrus helps schedule field service personnel based on their qualifications and location, assigning tasks to team members and checking to ensure the tasks are done. When necessary, tasks can be easily rescheduled or reassigned to another team member. Even better, users can offer their clients secure access to this data via a web portal, so customers can review the progress of their projects and the results of the work.

Streamline your field service organization and optimize the use of skilled technicians in the field. Try Conductrus now for free from AppDirect.