InvoiceXpress Makes Online Billing Quick and Easy

By Doriane Mouret / October 4, 2011

Invoicexpress Screenshot

Invoicing is one of the most tedious tasks an entrepreneur faces. But like so many tedious business tasks, invoicing is also vitally important -- it is a critical step in ensuring your customer pays for your work. It also helps determine the image of your brand: the perceived level of professionalism and expertise of your business will be higher if you send your customer a formal digital document instead of a handwritten invoice.

Helping companies create professional invoices is exactly why InvoiceXpress exists. And there's a good reason it works so well, explains Pedro dos Santos, the company's community manager. “When Rui Alves started his company Rupeal...he and the team couldn’t find an easy-to-use, low cost, web-based invoicing software," says dos Santos. "So, the company’s own need was the genesis and motivation to create InvoiceXpress.”

InvoiceXpress is an online billing application that helps users create and manage invoices quickly and easily. The Dashboard delivers a clear bird’s-eye view of the state of the billing system, from recent account activity to quarterly results. The Client Tab provides a complete history of every customer, including the amounts billed and complete invoice statements. The app also creates automated invoices for recurring projects, guides for shipping, devolution or estimates and much more.

“InvoiceXpress is a great web-based option to handle invoicing,” explains Paul Arnautoff, member of the AppDirect team. “Best of all, they have a small team so they are extremely responsive to their customers.” Indeed, the InvoiceXpress team is always improving its customer service. For instance, the company recently implemented a new feature that lets users reset their account and erase all documents, items and contacts created on the application.

This responsiveness, combined with the intuitive nature of the app, makes for highly satisfied customers, such as Carlos Andrade, founder at Maze. “Compared with other solutions, IE pays for itself with the time we save each month,” he says.

If you are looking for a simple and efficient solution to create, edit and manage your invoices, InvoiceXpress is for you. Try it now for free on AppDirect.