Uncomplicated Capital

Non-dilutive capital and the expertise to help you grow

  • Non-dilutive capital
    Unlock capital to grow; you maintain 100% business ownership.

  • Upfront day-one payment
    Flexible capital that’s available on day-one, in an upfront payment with ongoing commissions.

  • Partner for growth
    Our account management, engineering, and back office teams help grow your business with your existing customers, so your commissions continue to grow.

  • Maximize your proceeds
    Our experience and tax-friendly structure make our process simple. Typical transactions occur without a broker, and close quickly, which means maximized proceeds for you.


Accelerating growth with capital and strategic support

“...The best part is when I woke up I looked at the Marketplace and I found I had $160,000K in additional sales to my surprise that I had nothing to do with…” – Mark Venuto, COO

Get in touch with our team and receive an offer within three business days from submitting your business data.