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Help your customers get the most out of your application in a simple, effective way by offering an add-on store. In doing so, you can make it easier than ever before for users to find solutions that complement your core offering. Look to Increase your customer value proposition by harnessing partner services to form a winning add-on collaboration. You can seamlessly allow customers to install add-ons from an AppDirect powered listing with pre-built connectors to your app. These connectors will let your customers share data between apps they own in your ecosystem. If your clients don’t already own an app that ties well to your solution, we give you the option to cross-sell your partners by letting customers buy third-party apps directly from your site. Launching an add-on store will not only delight your customers, but also strengthen your partnerships with services that can then cross-sell your solution on the AppDirect Network.

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Learn more about the benefits of having AppDirect power your SaaS marketplace solution.

List your partners.

  • Offer your customers a partner listing.
  • Showcase partners with rich profiles.
  • Market partners with bundles and discounts.

Offer out-of-the-box integrations to partner services.

  • Let your customers connect cloud services to your solution in minutes.
  • Offer hundreds of pre-built connectors to your app.
  • Create custom integrations for your customers

Receive revenue share for selling your partners, and vice versa.

  • Allow customers to subscribe to partners from your site
  • Offer cloud management capabilities to drive add-on usage.
  • Allow your partners to bundle your app from their site.

Launch a referral partner listing.

Customize and launch a referral listing to reinforce your partnerships. Invite your partners to create detailed marketing profiles and offer rich search and browsing capabilities for your customers to easily find complementary solutions. Additionally, our marketing platform gives you the option to create deals and bundles to promote your partners.

By Industry Launch Referral Partner

Offer out-of-the-box integrations to partner servi

Let customers easily integrate partner solutions with your product to deliver more value. By utilizing our library of pre-built connectors, you can enable your customers to seamlessly send data from partner solutions to your application. Our connectors yield access to various cloud services including CRM, invoicing, and project management apps. Let your customers benefit from the power of APIs without overwhelming them with technical complexity.

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Drive revenue and delight partners.

If your customers find a new app on your listing that they want to integrate to your solution, it is now possible to take your app partnership to the next level and facilitate the transaction. You can allow your customers to find, buy, and manage third-party solutions with unified identity, access, and subscription billing management. You can choose to either offer cloud management capabilities within your solution or redirect them to AppDirect, for free, to manage their value added services. In addition, your selected partners on the AppDirect network can return the favor and sell your solution.

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