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AppDirect for Retail

Out of the box and into the cloud: Drive new revenue, promote customer loyalty, and create a unique retail experience.


While providing a development environment with application runtimes and frameworks is a smart strategy, it’s only half the battle. Beyond the standard features that define Platform-as-a-Service, a rich ecosystem of developer tools and add-ons serve to simplify application development. With AppDirect for PaaS, you can complement your offering with the best online developer tools available. Integrated directly with your development environment and accessible via the command line, these tools provide your developers with the power and convenience they need to innovate.

By Industry Retail Overview

Learn more about the benefits of having AppDirect power your Retail marketplace solution.

Tap into the leading cloud service catalog.

  • Offer hundreds of industry-leading products such as Microsoft Office 365, Symantec, Box, Google Apps, and many more.
  • Leverage our syndication experts to sell apps beyond our extensive catalog.
  • Offer all cloud apps with unified subscription billing, as well as identity and access management.

Reduce OPEX and CAPEX to drive margins.

  • Address the opportunity cost of delaying your SaaS marketplace launch.
  • Avoid the substantial CAPEX required to build a brokerage platform in house.
  • Minimize operational cost by leveraging AppDirect’s existing economies of scale.

Grow revenue at a cloud market growth rate.

  • Increase your online user base and engagement.
  • Grow new recurring revenues and customer share of wallet.
  • Apply your merchandizing expertise to selling cloud services with our marketing platform.

Drive results with our integration and merchandizing best practices.

  • Maximize organic sales with our identity, billing, CSR portal integrations.
  • Use our APIs to sell cloud products through your core traffic flows and create bundles.
  • Utilize our assisted sales and merchandizing best practices to drive cloud sales

Instant access to the leading application catalog.

The depth and breadth of your service catalog will determine the success of your cloud initiative. By integrating with AppDirect, you can offer your customers access to all of the leading services such as Symantec, Box, Google Apps, Microsoft Office 365 and many more. With a simple, one-time integration, we enable you to deliver all the top selling web-based applications to your customers with unified identity, access, subscription billing, and payment management. Our cloud service brokerage technology stack will make it easier than ever for your customers to use and manage cloud solutions. Our white-label platform will offer your end users the value-add they demand to subscribe through your site instead of going directly to vendors.

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Drive upfront and recurring revenue.

Software’s transition to the cloud means that products are no longer limited to finite, device per-product usage. To adapt to this shift, retail companies need to proactively evolve their offerings past installable, product key-limited software. A move to the cloud will allow you to tap into one of the fastest growing markets and develop a predictable recurring revenue stream. With the AppDirect platform, you can apply all your merchandizing expertise to maximize cloud sales with our ecommerce content and layout controls, bundling capabilities, advanced discounting and promotion features, pricing plan configurations and much more. Selling cloud services will dramatically increase your online user base and engagement as users log in daily to access their subscriptions. You can then watch your active online user base growth drive further sales across all your SKUs

By Industry Drive Upfront Revenue

Reduce OPEX and CAPEX to drive margins.

Working with AppDirect will not only dramatically decrease your time-to-market cost, but also ensure that you launch with the most advanced cloud service brokerage technology available today. With AppDirect you can avoid the substantial CAPEX required to build a platform that seamlessly aggregates subscription billing and payment, as well as identity, access, and data management capabilities, to offer the easiest and safest way to consume cloud services. In addition, AppDirect will reduce most of your operational costs by overseeing ongoing billing, security, and syndication operations. Working with AppDirect will save you the time intensive and costly ongoing challenge of finding, evaluating, contracting, and integrating the latest cloud services.

By Industry Drive Margins

Seamlessly offer subscription software from your e

As the cloud ecosystem continues to evolve, and both boxed and downloadable software loses its foothold, traditional commerce companies need to react quickly to the shifting market. You can easily integrate AppDirect’s platform into your existing ecommerce site to quickly get ahead of the curve. Leave complex backend billing, payment, identity, and other integrations to us while you deliver a sticky destination for popular products that sell—all the while reducing churn and boosting customer acquisition and retention. You can also leverage our APIs to sell cloud services with your other SKUs, such as hardware, to create differentiated bundles.

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