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There is a massive opportunity to bring current on-premise applications to the cloud. Additionally, many businesses want to run in a hybrid model (on-premises, GCP, and other public clouds) with simple deployment and minimal infrastructure changes. GCP is the ideal solution, designed from the ground up to make services portable between public cloud environments. The challenge for organizations reselling GCP in a hybrid model is how to pull all those services into one aggregated bill and subscription for a customer.

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The AppDirect subscription commerce platform is designed specifically for this scenario. As a Google Premier Partner, AppDirect worked closely with Google to make reselling GCP easy and streamlined. Google Cloud resellers can get up and running in a matter of weeks, instead of months, with their own custom marketplace. Resellers can quickly integrate their own services with GCP and also aggregate other public cloud providers to create unique offers.

In addition to Google Cloud Platform, the AppDirect catalog includes hundreds of fully integrated SaaS and IaaS products, providing resellers the flexibility to scale their business and create solution bundles that best meet their customer needs.

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AppDirect automates critical backend functions—such as billing, provisioning, and lifecycle management—essential for selling Google Cloud Platform, saving time and money while improving the customer experience. With AppDirect, resellers can offer new GCP subscriptions as well as import existing subscriptions to give customers self-serve management capabilities. With the IaaS market exploding, now is the ideal time to start selling GCP through the subscription commerce platform from AppDirect.

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AppDirect is the only end-to-end digital commerce platform for selling, distributing, and managing cloud-based products and services to succeed in the digital economy. AppDirect powers marketplaces, billing, distribution, reselling, and premium technical support services help providers connect more than 30 million businesses to solutions.

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