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While providing a development environment with application runtimes and frameworks is a smart strategy, it’s only half the battle. Beyond the standard features that define Platform-as-a-Service, a rich ecosystem of developer tools and add-ons serve to simplify application development. With AppDirect for PaaS, you can complement your offering with the best online developer tools available. Integrated directly with your development environment and accessible via the command line, these tools provide your developers with the power and convenience they need to innovate.

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Offer the best developer tools available to your customers:

  • SQL and NoSQL database-as-a-service tools, such as MongoDB and Redis.
  • AMQP-based messaging services, including Cloud AMQP.
  • Performance monitoring and email delivery through New Relic and SendGrid.

Automate the binding of environmental variables:

  • Enable your customers to bind add-ons to the apps they are building through your PaaS with one click.
  • Let customers attach their favorite database to their application directly from the command line without even touching an interface.

AppDirect for Cloud Foundry:

  • For Cloud Foundry deployments, AppDirect comes pre-integrated and ready to offer add-ons and services to your customers.
  • Monetize your Cloud Foundry deployment from day one by offering services critical to the application development process.
  • AppDirect’s integration with the Cloud Foundry command line interface makes consumption of add-ons as easy as “$ cf create-service [MongoDB]”.

Offer the best developer tools available online to

To compete as a Platform-as-a-Service, your offering must do more than just provide an application hosting method and a choice of supported application runtimes and frameworks. Developers require third-party services to build their applications, including messaging, databases, email delivery, and other mission-critical technologies that help scale applications in the cloud.

Giving your customers the ability to discover, purchase, and use these tools directly in your development environment will increase adoption of your PaaS and increase average revenue per user.

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Automate binding of environment variables for thir

In addition to provisioning and billing for the best third-party services, many PaaS add-ons require the user to tie the environmental variables of the tool to their application in order to get the full functionality of the service.

That’s why AppDirect PaaS products include an API connection that allows any add-on, be it a database or email delivery service, to be bound to a user’s application and start caching data or sending emails from the application instantly. This binding ability bypasses the need for manual hook ups between services, making it easier for your users to start using their add-ons with minimal effort.

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AppDirect + Cloud Foundry: A match made in develop

Our partnership with Pivotal Cloud Foundry makes the AppDirect product catalog, service binding functionality, and command line integration available to any service provider deploying an instance of CF Open Source or CF Commercial License. By connecting these two technologies, you can drive engagement and begin monetizing your Cloud Foundry deployment from day one.

The AppDirect marketplace platform serves as a primary point of integration for third-party ISVs so you can distribute over 150 cloud applications, all of which is accessible out-of-the-box through the CF Command Line Interface. Contact us to learn more about how we can help maximize the success of your Cloud Foundry project.

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