Industrial Manufacturing

AppDirect helps industrial manufacturing companies overcome the complexities of delivering, managing, and monetizing apps and services for their hardware and customers.


With the evolution of M2M technology, the industrial manufacturing market is undergoing a digital transformation, with widespread connectivity opening a massive opportunity to drive new business and refined internal processes. Traditionally, industrial and enterprise businesses have relied on initial product purchasing with little to no follow-on purchases. Achieving digital transformation of business processes now requires generating follow-on business with software and services while enacting new and innovative business models.

Industry Challenge


AppDirect provides a comprehensive solution bundle, AppDevices, that drives continuous sales of software and subscriptions long after product purchase. It enables OEMs in the industrial IoT market to deliver ever-changing services and features on any device or hardware, without the typical long deployment cycles. The AppDevices solution set also offers the ability to integrate third-party partners easily, staying cost effective while still interoperable with industry standards.

Industry Solution

"AppDirect has been providing the flexible platform, tools, and services necessary for BASE to deliver a profitable mobile content and app marketplace for their content partners and consumers.”

- Peter Adriaens, Vice President
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How it works

AppDirect provides a secure, proven cloud platform enabling industrial manufacturers and enterprises to build agile businesses around value-added software and services. It provides manufacturers with the tools to easily manage complex software licensing, entitlements, and provisioning between people and their devices. It comes with the complete billing and merchandising suite needed to empower customers to discover, use, manage, and buy features, apps, and services. OEMs and device manufacturers can rely on AppDirect to easily distribute and bill for any digital products and services, quickly iterating on their business models with a platform that handles millions of transactions daily.

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Enterprise Ecosystem

Create an ecosystem of valuable apps and services using the AppDevices partner portal and marketplace. Deliver, manage, monetize, and update new services and software with a proven platform on any device or hardware. Control access to content and information using AppDevices device authentication, roles and permissions, and single sign on (SSO) capabilities.

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Product Lifecycle Management

Manage the full lifecycle of apps and services across devices and hardware, including version releases and updates; configure compatibility attributes and user or device entitlements.

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How It Works

Business Data Visualizer

Gain valuable business insights with a rich set of data visualization dashboards. Drill down to monitor the status of key business performance indicators like invoices, billing, financial reconciliation, and settlement.

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Enterprise Grade Security

Defend against threats with baked-in architectural security and features such as multi-factor authentication. AppDevices security also includes fully featured compliance with standard privacy policies that meet personal information protection guidelines and regulations.

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