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AppDirect helps automotive OEMs bring innovative connected driver services to market and deliver an experience with their brand at the forefront.


Today’s drivers demand smart connected driving experiences that are unique to their vehicle and provide useful features and services beyond that of their connected devices. To meet this demand, OEMs need a comprehensive, flexible, and scalable solution that allows them to provide a wealth of new services and features to their drivers for the lifetime of the vehicle while still owning the in-car experience.

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AppDirect’s comprehensive suite of solutions for Connected Vehicles enables OEMs to bring innovative, connected driver services to market. Automotive OEMs can use powerful tools to:

  • Expand into new business models and extend their brand from the car to driver’s companion devices.
  • Establish and grow an ecosystem of technology and channel partners
  • Manage and control all aspects of the business, including data security and product profitability
  • Deploy new features, services, applications, and updates to vehicles
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Automotive Oems Solution

“This opens up a world of possibilities for businesses that runs a fleet of vehicles. Every business can harness the power of our developer platform to bring exciting new services.”

- Corinne Vigreux, Managing Director
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How it works

Provided by AppDirect, AppDevices is an end-to-end automotive OEM solution that includes a range of highly configurable modules that deliver inter-app connectivity, OTA updates, automotive IoT connectivity, analytics, marketplaces, and commerce services. AppDevices enables automotive OEMs to increase driver satisfaction and customer retention with compelling infotainment services, while creating and supporting an open ecosystem of innovation. The production-proven platform is backed by a highly scalable infrastructure able to handle millions of connections with vehicles and devices.

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Automotive Oems How It Works

Vehicle Software Platform

Create an ecosystem of valuable driver apps and services using the AppDevices partner portal and marketplace. Deliver, manage, monetize, and update new services and software directly to specific vehicles, trims, and subscribed drivers.

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Application Lifecycle

Product Lifecycle Management

Manage the full lifecycle of apps and services across vehicles and devices, including version releases and updates; configure compatibility attributes and user or device entitlements.

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How It Works

Enterprise Grade Security with Identity Access Man

Defend against threats with baked-in architectural security and features such as multi-factor authentication. In addition, fully featured security compliance with comprehensive privacy policy ensures a solution that meets personal information protection guidelines and regulations. Control access to content and information using AppDevices device authentication, roles and permissions, and single sign on (SSO) capabilities.

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One Set Credentials

Business Data Visualizer

Gain valuable business insights with a rich set of data visualization dashboards. Drill down to monitor the status of key business performance indicators like invoices, billing, financial reconciliation, and settlement.

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