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AppDirect Solutions for IT

AppDirect empowers IT departments to make distributing and managing cloud services easier to become successful in the digital economy.

The Challenge

When a business sells cloud services, the IT organization often bears the heaviest burden. Selecting cloud infrastructure, ensuring security, performing day-to-day maintenance, troubleshooting integration issues—the list can seem almost endless, and CIOs have to manage all of it, often with limited resources and budget.

Selecting a digital commerce platform can help you solve these problems, but it has to be the right platform. IT teams need a flexible solution that can accommodate a range of different cloud deployment models, public, private, or hybrid. They also need technology that can be self-serviced and maintained with minimal resources, while meeting security and industry compliance requirements.

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“When we saw how easy it is to use the AppDirect platform, we knew we had found the ideal technology to power our store and enable us to deliver cloud-based tools.”

- JENS MARGRAF, Online Experience Manager
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The AppDirect Advantage for IT

At AppDirect, we believe that your success is our success. That’s why our expert team is here to provide unbiased advice and best practices at every stage of the process, from evaluating solutions, to build versus buy decisions, to marketplace pre-launch, to honing go-to-market strategies, and beyond—all backed by best-in-class technology. Explore the different aspects of our digital commerce platform and the benefits they can deliver for the IT organization.

  • Quickly evaluate and select private, public, or hybrid cloud model
  • Deploy easy-to-maintain solution that can be self-serviced with limited IT resources
  • Automate backend operations and lower IT costs of administration and support
  • Meet IT security and industry compliance requirements
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Additional Features

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    Get Billing That’s Easy to Maintain

    AppDirect helps reduce IT overhead with a powerful yet simple billing solution that automates invoicing, subscription management, and taxation, as well as add and change products and pricing.


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    Rely on API-Driven Technology

    AppDirect uses sophisticated APIs that allow products to reach a global network of marketplaces with little IT support. 


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    Reduce Time to Marketplace Launch

    Launch a digital marketplace in minutes, not months, and eliminate the need to buy, deploy, and maintain cloud infrastructure.


  • Solutions Icons60X60 Reseller

    Support Sales with Reseller Tools

    AppDirect can help you support your organization’s sales efforts by giving you an out-of-the-box solution for creating and managing a reseller program.


AppDirect offers a solution for every role in the IT organization.

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    As a senior leader supporting business transformation, you need low-risk technologies that can drive innovation. AppDirect’s monetization solutions help IT and business strategy to drive company profitability.

    • Champion IT innovation to be at the forefront of new technologies
    • Demonstrate the value of IT by driving ROI on existing cloud investments


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    IT Director / Manager

    AppDirect’s solutions offer the best technology tools for sales, marketing, finance, and other mission-critical business units.

    • Reduce IT overhead related to building and maintaining in-house cloud solutions
    • Use self-service solutions with billing automation and subscription management
    • Make strategic cloud IT spending decisions that drive cloud adoption across customer base


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    Security Analyst

    Security professionals are on the front lines of protecting corporate data. AppDirect’s monetization solutions help secure data stored in cloud applications

    • Secure applications with identity and access management
    • Protect breaches resulting from password loss or improper password storage
    • Drive compliance and maintain oversight of sensitive data stored on the company network


  • Solutions It Application Analyst
    Icons60X60 It Application Analyst

    Application Analyst

    Application analysts manage day-to-day marketplace activities. AppDirect helps administer and provision cloud applications to business customers and drive end-user engagement with apps.

    • Make it easier to test and deploy new cloud services
    • Simplify subscription management and application upgrade management
    • Analyze application usage reports and event logs to drive app engagement


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