AppDirect for IaaS

Drive workloads to your cloud with one-click access to the leading web applications, server images, and developer tools.


If you compete in the Infrastructure-as-a-Service space, you’ve likely learned that an “If you build it, they will come” mentality is misguided.

Today’s IaaS consumers are demanding access to preconfigured server images, app packages, and SaaS tools that make managing virtual machines easier than ever before. That’s why AppDirect has been chosen to power the app marketplaces for some of the leading cloud providers around the world. Learn about how you can launch a marketplace for your cloud to drive increased adoption from both developers and enterprise customers.

By Industry Iaas Overview

Learn more about the benefits of having AppDirect power your IaaS marketplace solution.

Drive workloads to your cloud.

  • Offer an image library.
  • Automate server and app deployment.
  • Sell SaaS hosted on your cloud.

Utilize our out-of-the-box OpenStack integration.

  • Offer image deployments through the Glance Shared Image Library.
  • Meter and bill for consumption of OpenStack resources.
  • Enable one click software installation experience.

Automate lifecycle management.

  • Reassure your users with app monitoring and automatic backups.
  • Automate server and app deployment.
  • Impress customers with automatic app upgrades.

Delight customers with the leading IaaS app catalog.

  • Sell leading web applications such as New Relic and Sendgrid.
  • Let them install open source and private cloud apps.
  • Offer server images such as Ubuntu, Linux, and CentOS.

Drive workloads to your cloud with a marketplace.

Significantly increase workloads to your cloud by making it the one-stop shop for both your developer and enterprise customers. Offer enterprises everything they need to run their business with public, private, and hybrid cloud solutions, while enabling developers to build on your cloud with web apps and rich image offerings.

By providing a variety of applications that your customers can use through your cloud, you’ll increase average revenue per customer by cross-selling value-added services, reducing churn, and up-selling core cloud services

By Industry Cloud Marketplace

Out-of-the-Box Integration with OpenStack.

Monetize your OpenStack project from day one with integration to the Glance Shared Image Library and other OpenStack APIs. If you are deploying your own instance of OpenStack to offer IaaS to your customers, you can use AppDirect plug-ins to differentiate your offering.

Offer unmatched ease of use to business customers on OpenStack with our Standing Cloud private cloud deployment and management technology, which enables a one-click software installation experience complete with automatic scaling and backup.

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Automate lifecycle management.

When an application is deployed through AppDirect Standing Cloud, your branded management console gives your customers easy point-and-click access to a range of automated application lifecycle management features.

Our platform offers monitoring, automatic backups, auto restore, single-click version upgrades, status logs and more. Customers can choose when and how to upgrade applications, reducing the overhead support usually associated with wide-scale application upgrades.

By Industry Automate Lifecycle

The leading IaaS product catalog.

The AppDirect product catalog features over 250 of the leading public and private cloud applications. From operating systems and database-as-a-service to code performance monitoring, you’ll have the option to select the best products to offer your end users.

Every product comes pre-integrated with unified identity, access, subscription billing, and payment management, which sets up your marketplace as a continuous resource for all of your customers’ application needs.

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