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AppDirect Cloud Solutions for Finance

AppDirect gives finance organizations the tools they need to drive bottom-line performance of company cloud service commerce initiatives to become successful in the digital economy.

The Challenge

ROI—three little letters that make all the difference when it comes to choosing a cloud solution. The finance organization is on the front lines of tracking the financial performance of cloud initiatives, and is often under intense pressure to report on costs, revenue, churn, and other key metrics. That’s why it’s critical for companies to select a cloud commerce solution that not only makes reporting a breeze, but also lowers total cost of ownership and can scale as a business grows.

Solutions Finance Challenge

“Prior to working with AppDirect, we had built a similar product ourselves and didn’t get the ROI we needed. We found that AppDirect met all of our technical requirements and was a good match.”

- DAVID ANDREASSON, Head of Product and Technology
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The AppDirect Advantage for the Finance Organization

At AppDirect, we believe that your success is our success. That’s why our expert team is here to provide unbiased advice and best practices at every stage of the process, from evaluating solutions, to marketplace pre-launch, to honing go-to-market strategies, and beyond—all backed by best-in-class technology. Explore the different aspects of our digital commerce platform and the benefits they can deliver for the finance organization.

  • Provide timely financial reporting to evaluate and drive business decisions
  • Increase ROI while reducing total cost of ownership
  • Invest in flexible SaaS solutions that scale with your business
  • Consolidate multiple point solutions into one simple SaaS platform
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Additional Features

  • Solutions Icons60X60 Invoicing

    Billing that Delivers Real-Time Reporting

    AppDirect’s billing solution can be deployed alone or alongside legacy platforms to provide a powerful billing engine that delivers real-time reports on financial performance.


  • Solutions Icons60X60 Growth

    Drive More Revenue Through Third-Parties

    AppDirect’s global network of digital marketplaces offers more opportunity to reach more customers, drive sales, and see better financial performance with flexible revenue sharing.


  • Solutions Icons60X60 Apps

    Launch a Marketplace with Low TCO

    With AppDirect, your organization can launch a digital marketplace without the need to invest in additional IT resources and with native reporting to keep close tabs on ROI.


  • Solutions Icons60X60 Reseller

    Easily Manage Complex Reseller Program Finances

    With multiple parties selling multiple services, financial reporting and management can be difficult time consuming. AppDirect gives finance full visibility into transactions across reseller networks. 


AppDirect offers a solution for every role in the finance organization.

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    You need SaaS solutions that align with your strategic priorities. AppDirect offers executives the SaaS tools to create dashboards and drive financial efficiency to the rest of the organization.

    • Access detailed performance and ROI reports
    • Quickly launch your SaaS solution
    • Maximize sales by bundling, upselling or cross-selling cloud services


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    Icons60X60 Finance Finance


    You bring visibility on your company’s financial performance to stakeholders. AppDirect gives you data to help creating a powerful story detailing the benefits of selling cloud services.

    • View detailed reports to evaluate sales trends and identify opportunities for improvement
    • Access data to understand what cloud services are being sold most frequently


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    Icons60X60 Finance Accounting


    Accounting provides timely and accurate financial reporting to drive business decisions. AppDirect offers controllers and accountants the reporting capabilities to successfully manage the health of their businesses.

    • Automatically generate invoices and payments for all recurring business app subscriptions
    • Manage accounts receivable and collections activity through dunning capabilities to ensure timely customer payments.


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