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AppDirect enables device manufacturers and automakers to overcome the complexities of delivering, managing, and monetizing apps and services.


The market for consumer electronics devices is becoming increasingly competitive, with the software and services behind the hardware playing a critical role in new revenue opportunities and customer retention. Success for hardware manufacturers requires navigating a new landscape fraught with many challenges including license management, app management, and device management, in addition to the added complexity of leveraging the opportunity of networked ecosystems.

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AppDirect helps hardware OEMs enhance the value proposition of their consumer electronics by unlocking the features and values of a comprehensive app ecosystem. With a one-time integration, AppDirect enables device manufacturers to deliver value adding apps and services to their customers via a comprehensive storefront and billing platform. AppDirect also offers an in-depth developer program with the only platform to offer the required technology to attract, integrate, and manage a developer ecosystem.

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“AppDirect has provided the flexible platform, tools, and services necessary for BASE to deliver a profitable mobile content and app marketplace for their content partners and consumers.”

- Peter Adriaens, Vice President Wholesale at Telenet Group
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How it works

AppDirect provides a secure, proven cloud platform enabling consumer electronics manufacturers to build agile businesses around value-added software and services. It provides manufacturers with the tools to easily manage complex software licensing, entitlements, and provisioning between people and their devices. It comes with the complete billing and merchandising suite needed to empower customers to discover, use, manage, and buy features, apps, and services critical to their satisfaction. OEMs and device manufacturers can rely on AppDirect to easily distribute and bill for any digital products and services, quickly iterating on their business models with a platform that handles millions of transactions daily.

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