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AppDirect Cloud Solutions for CEOs

AppDirect gives CEOs and other C-level executives solutions to drive high-impact, low-risk growth to succeed in the digital economy.

The Challenge

Today, the question facing CEOs in almost every industry is not “should we sell cloud services?” but “what’s the best way to sell cloud services?” Different business units often have different priorities, and finding a digital commerce platform that can enable every stakeholder to effectively manage their part of cloud service commerce is one of the most important choices CEOs and the leadership team will make.

Cloud services can help companies leapfrog the competition and become innovation leaders, but it’s important to get a sure, quick start. CEOs need to choose a commerce platform that offers out-of-the-box opportunities with fast ROI.

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“AppDirect is a critical part of enabling our customers to access a rich set of services.”

- PAUL MARITZ, Executive Chairman of the Board
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The AppDirect Advantage

AppDirect enables companies to create omnichannel application strategies from day one, and reduces the risk while launching new go-to-market channels for distribution. Moreover, AppDirect gives business the flexibility they need to adjust to changes being driven by advances in mobile, Internet of Things (IoT), and other technologies. Explore the different aspects of our digital commerce platform and the benefits they can deliver for CEOs and the organizations they lead.

The bottom line: The decision to sell cloud services is a first step on a long road toward cloud transformation. AppDirect can help clear the way and make the journey seamless.

  • Reduce risk while pursuing and launching new channels to drive revenue
  • Develop an omnichannel strategy to sell cloud applications
  • Offer value-added services with no legal, evaluation, or integration costs
  • Launch or enhance mobile and IoT initiatives
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Additional Features

  • Solutions Icons60X60 Flexible Integration

    Flexible Billing to Ease Integration

    The AppDirect digital commerce platform offers solutions that are easy to deploy in any environment, including a powerful billing engine that simplifies the purchase process.


  • Solutions Icons60X60 Growth

    Drive High Growth Without High Risk

    AppDirect enables companies to sell SaaS through a network of global marketplaces, allowing businesses to expand quickly without the need to open regional offices or hire local sales teams. 


  • Solutions Icons60X60 Apps

    Launch a Marketplace in Weeks, Not Months

    With AppDirect, you can launch a digital marketplace quickly and become the hub for your customers to find, buy, and manage all of their business apps. 


  • Solutions Icons60X60 Reseller

    See New Revenue with Resellers

    AppDirect can fuel even more growth by giving companies a SaaS platform for on-boarding resellers, registering leads and opportunities, and negotiating pricing. 


AppDirect offers a solution for every mission-critical business unit.

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    Push your core offerings and any new SaaS products, both proprietary and third-party, through all of your sales channels at once

    • Send quotes and negotiate pricing to get the desired margins for cloud services
    • Provision orders along with managing invoices and payments to evaluate business performance


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    AppDirect provides self-service capabilities, which reduces the risk of high marketing spend putting a drag on customer cost of acquisition and payback period.

    • Support a wide variety of deal and promotion strategies by applying discounts with your own branded cloud marketplace
    • Create bundles and sell more business apps without any engineering or IT resources


  • Solutions Ceo Business Dev
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    Business Development

    For business development teams, winning new markets requires innovating faster than your competitors. AppDirect helps you outpace the competition by delivering more value faster without raising costs.

    • Allow third-party developers to integrate, manage, and showcase their cloud services
    • Offer a state-of-the-art developer onboarding experience


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    Partnerships & Alliances

    Growing through partnerships and alliances requires building the infrastructure and integrations to empower your partners. AppDirect takes the legal, evaluation, and integration pain out of working with partners.

    • Reduce friction when adding new cloud services
    • Streamline and simplify the legal process when adding new partners


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