Simplify Device Management

Automate back office functions to simplify device management and reduce your cost of operations.

Device enrollment

Rapidly enroll devices through CSV uploads or programmatically through API sync. The device database allows you to securely add, view, and remove devices from your ecosystem so that only authorized devices are able to access your platform.

Device assignment

Manage assignments in real time. Simply click to assign devices to platforms and users. Applications automatically appear to users once they sign in to their devices and each device can reflect multiple user assignments.

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Device management interface

Use our open APIs to integrate AppDevices with your existing device management system to help drive efficiencies as your ecosystem and monetization strategies become more complex.

Device agents

Reduce maintenance hassles with the AppDevices software agent, which manages the client-side downloading, installation, updating, and removal of on-device packages. We maintain all client-side code, including regular updates and support for all device agents.