Sell Solutions for Connected Devices

Sell, provision, and manage digital services on any device, from in-car entertainment systems to industrial equipment, all from a single platform.

Sell any digital product

Sell software and services—including SaaS, downloadables, hardware features, and any other type of digital product—for connected devices. From products with simple one-time charges to metered usage products, our billing engine supports thousands of pricing model permutations.

Provide an on-device marketplace

Meet your customers where they are and maximize upsell opportunities with a native app version of your marketplace that can be accessed directly from the connected device. Offer a single point of contact where customers can buy and launch additional services.

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Enable third-party solutions

Build an ecosystem around your connected products. The underlying AppMarket technology makes it easy for developers to integrate and monetize complementary software and services in your marketplace.

Reach multiple platforms

Use a single marketplace to reach multiple platforms. The agnostic AppDevices architecture allows you to build and sell solutions for any platform your organization supports, including by operating system, device type, and more.