Evolving your Business with IoT: Six Steps to Digital Transformation

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Excerpt from Evolving your Business with IoT

Today, most companies have some form of digital asset that either complements their core offering or is the focus of their business.
Downloadable software, like an application that unlocks additional features for a smart thermostat; cloud services, such as a SaaS-based application for a child’s IoT robot that charges a nominal fee for each new children’s book it reads at the child’s bedtime; or even information stored or shared by databases, which could include a customer's device analytics and data creation. These are only a few
varied example assets that hold tremendous value, but are often overlooked as a revenue source for today's connected devices.
In the new digital world, unlocking the value of apps, software, and digital assets is imperative to device longevity with customers and revenue growth, but a key question continues to vex many organizations: How do you monetize these types of products and information while maximizing customer appeal and value?