Service Providers and Software Companies: Working Together to Drive GTM Success

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Learn Ecosystem Best Practices from Rogers Communications and Symantec

Strong partnerships are essential in the digital economy, but organizations can struggle to build these relationships. Hear from two leading companies that are partnering to drive success.

"We spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to get to market with service providers, but we never had a platform to make it easy. There were delays, and there was always something missing in our integrations. We realized every service provider has similar requirements, so with a platform, we are able to get to market much faster." — Mariane Louvet, Symantec


Key Discussion Areas

The “Working Together to Drive GTM Success” webinar explores several areas that are critical to forming partnerships. These include:

  • The benefits that partnerships can deliver for both parties
  • The four phases of integration that can trip up service providers and software companies alike
  • Why digitalization and automation are critical for success
  • Practical ways to work together to build GTM strategies
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