The Human Element: Introducing Radialpoint by AppDirect

It's no secret that happy customers are good for business. Customer satisfaction often focuses around lower prices and product improvements but a recent report from Bain & Company found that a customer is 4X more likely to move to a competitor over a service issue rather than price or product.

Enter Radialpoint, a global leader in premium technical support and AppDirect's most recent acquisition. Explore our new support offerings and learn why 50,000+ businesses have chosen Radialpoint to power their technical support requirements.

  • Who - AppDirect Product Marketing Lead Ashwin Pradhan and Radialpoint VP of Product and Marketing Jeremy Hill
  • What - Webinar Session
  • Where - Available on-demand now!
  • Why - Learn how AppDirect and Radialpoint come together to provide smart, simple, one-stop support across all of your apps and devices.