Boost Customer Longevity

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Join Part 4 of 4 of our "Building Blocks of SaaS GTM" webinar series:

  • Who - Christophe Girault, AppDirect Global Customer Success Evangelist
  • What - Customer Success Webinar
  • When - Available On Demand Now!
  • Where - Fill out the form to save your spot
  • Why - Acquiring a new customer can be 5 to 25X more expensive than retaining an existing one. Don't throw away hard-won sales with churn and dormant customers. Learn to keep customers engaged with retention strategies that really work!

Alongside our global ecosystem of partners, AppDirect has developed a SaaS GTM framework across the four key stages of the customer journey. Tune in as we take you through our complete strategy:

1. Reach: Driving Demand
2. Convert: Influence Purchase
3. Onboard: Speed Adoption
4. Retain: Expand Usage

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