Acronis Cyber Protection: A Must-Have Service in Any Portfolio

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We are led to believe that cybercriminals are the human in a hoodie, when in fact industrialized groups are using collaborative R&D methods to create innovative AI-powered attacks.

With traditional tools, businesses will be unable to cope with such attacks. Only AI can fight AI. Moreover, the security industry is fragmented. There are too many vendors, tools, and alerts. Systems are not built for scale and do not talk to each other, making automated efficiency impossible to reach.

Integrated and automated Cyber Protection can solve these challenges. Eliminate complexity, deliver new security capabilities, and keep costs down by choosing a disruptive Cyber Protection solution.

Join the webinar and learn:

  • What the cyber landscape looks like? What are the current and potential threats?
  • Why cyber protection is a must-have service in any portfolio
  • How Acronis and AppDirect can help you be profitable and cyber ready

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