Manufacturing Transformation By the Numbers

Discover the Trends Impacting Your Industry 4.0 Initiatives

New survey data from AppDirect explores the state of the industry and how manufacturers are using digital strategies to succeed.

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Sixty-five percent of manufacturing executives believe that, in five years, only businesses that have digitally transformed will survive.

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Exploring the Digital Challenges Facing Today's Manufacturers

AppDirect commissioned a survey of C-suite-level professionals, vice presidents, and directors across global manufacturing companies and other organizations.

The infographic details findings in several key areas, including:

  • Digitalize your core offering and customer experience

    Why Manufacturers Pursue Digital Transformation

    Top reasons manufacturers are transforming their systems and processes, from growth to cost savings.

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    The Top Challenges Impacting Digital Projects in Manufacturing

    Common reasons manufacturers fail to meet their digital transformation objectives, including lack of budget and expertise.

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    The Key Differentiators for Digital Success in Industry 4.0

    Elements that set manufacturing companies apart as they digitally transform their businesses.

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    Opportunities for Manufacturers in the Digital Economy

    Openings that ecosystems are creating for manufacturers to drive more revenue.

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The pace of change in manufacturing is faster than ever. Given this, 59% of manufacturers say ecosystems are the only way to innovate quickly to meet customer demands.


Top Takeaways from the Infographic

The Manufacturing Transformation By the Numbers infographic features numerous findings, including:

  • 77% of manufacturing executives say that digital transformation is “very important” to their overall business strategy
  • 71% of manufacturers say customers are demanding more digital products and services
  • 81% of manufacturers say platforms are the key differentiator for success
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