Introducing the Support Experience for IoT

Helping users be successful with their technology in the era of the IoT is more critical than ever – especially with the increasingly important role these products play in consumers' lives.

The quality of support an IoT device owner receives when technical issues arise is arguably as important as the User Experience (UX) when the device is running as it should.

We all know that great UX is a cornerstone of creating amazing products that people buy, love and recommend. UX design done right delivers optimal experiences at every touch-point–from marketing, to sale, to device setup, to use. But even the most thoughtfully crafted UX falls short if getting support for a product or service– doesn't match the experience when things run smooth.

The objective should be to provide effective and seamless user experiences–especially when things go wrong and technical support is required. The overall experience of using a product that doesn't work as intended is what we call the 'Support Experience' or 'SX' here at AppHelp.

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