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In today’s digital economy, cloud-based software and services are readily available from a variety of sources, including telecom companies and directly from vendors. The key question that managed services providers (MSPs) must answer is this: Why should customers buy cloud products from you?

Too often, MSPs struggle with cloud offerings, moving customers to cloud-based technology but only when a customer asks. MSPs must become proactive cloud advocates and experts, or risk losing out on significant revenue.

This guide details how AppDirect can help MSPs accelerate time to market with easy integration to top cloud services. In addition, MSPs can use AppDirect to:

  • Bundle various third-party solutions, such as Microsoft CSP SKUs, with core offerings
  • Mark-up/down pricing to maintain and grow margins
  • Support contracts, editions, and discounts through complex billing functionality
  • Allow customers to manage licenses, buy additional seats, and more through self-service capabilities.