8 Ways Ecosystems Supercharge Digital Business Models

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Per Gartner, "Digital business puts a renewed and amplified perspective on ecosystems. Executive leaders responsible for business model change should leverage one or more of the eight ways to design, modify and expand business ecosystems to help their enterprise."

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In the digital business era, it becomes imperative for organizations to understand and model how business ecosystems will create new business capabilities, products/services and business models

[8 Ways Ecosystems Supercharge Digital Business Models], [July 14, 2020]

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Key Findings

  • According to Gartner, "Digital business is causing enterprises to rethink many aspects of their business models. Using ecosystem approaches to bolster or disrupt traditional business models is vital for success in digital business efforts."

  • According to Gartner, "An enterprise can connect to other ecosystems to gain new sales channels, provide new customer interactions, create and run new products/services, or extend existing products and services."

  • According to Gartner, "An enterprise can also choose to form ecosystems. Doing so enables an enterprise to pursue four styles of platform business models: collaboration, orchestration, creation and matching."

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Gartner 8 Ways Ecosystems Supercharge Digital Business Models, Hung LeHong, Marcus Blosh, Jan-Martin Lowendahl, Kristin Moyer, 14th July 2020.

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