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Explore the Real-World Benefits of AppDirect

Accelerate time to market, drive revenue, and lower development costs with the AppDirect platform.

“In the past, selling and provisioning products would be a struggle and would require very complex manual processes. With AppDirect, it’s literally just a couple of clicks and the end customer immediately gets the product.”

- VP cloud portal and platform management, Telecommunications
TEI Report

The AppDirect Platform: Business Benefits

AppDirect commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact (TEI) study on AppMarket, our marketplace platform solution.

In the study, Forrester highlights these benefits:

  • Tei Icon Revenue

    Open a New Line of Business that Drives Revenue

    Generate millions in marketplace revenue. Sell new products to existing customers and reach previously underserved segments.

  • Tei Icon Developer

    Eliminate Development Costs

    Avoid capital investments in internal development and ongoing maintenance. Use an out-of-the-box solution that integrates to core backend systems.

  • Tei Icon Speed

    Improve Time to Market Organizations

    Reduce time to market for new digital products from years to months.

  • Tei Icon Reach

    Increase Total Addressable Market

    Open new market opportunities and sell to previously unprofitable segments.

  • Tei Icon Time

    Improve Lifetime Value of Existing Customer Base

    New cloud services increase customer retention rates and overall LTV.

  • Partner Solutions

    Attract New Strategic Partners

    Build new strategic partnerships with third-party vendors in the AppDirect catalog.

  • Tei Icon Cloud

    Maintain Relevance with Customers

    Meet customer demands for SaaS, IaaS, and other as-a-service products.

Digital Economy Quote

“We have really started a new business where AppDirect is the key enabler and I think without this enabler, we couldn’t do the whole business.”

– Senior Product Manager, Telecommunications

The Bottom Line: The ROI of Choosing AppDirect

Partnering with AppDirect to launch a marketplace platform results in a range of benefits, including:

  • $30.3M in application marketplace revenue
  • $2.8M saved by avoiding investments in marketplace development
  • 109% return on investment
  • <3 month payback period
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