Greatest Hits Webinar Series: How to Build a Developer Ecosystem - Managing Partners and Products

Online Event, Virtual

Thu 08 Oct
8:00 AM

Learn how AppDirect can help you simplify managing partners and products while providing partners the tools they need to succeed.

Today, nearly every business is undergoing a digital transformation—or is about to start. As digital technologies and strategies become a given, companies now face the challenge of identifying the factors that can give them an edge. Company culture, executive sponsorship, talent—all of these play an important part, but there's one differentiator that is the most important of all: digital platforms.

In fact, 86 percent of executives say that platforms are a critical factor for success in the digital economy. The reason why is clear: eighty-four percent of customers are demanding more digital products than ever before, and platforms are the most seamless, cost-effective way to meet these demands.

At the same time, ecosystems—communities of software developers, resellers, and other stakeholders that companies build to support platforms—are emerging as another must-have to succeed. Indeed, almost seven out of 10 executives, 68 percent, say ecosystems are the only way to innovate quickly to meet customer demands.

Developer ecosystems are multi-sided and diverse, which makes them incredibly complex. Three keys to success in creating an ecosystem:

  • Make it easy for your partners to participate
  • Provide your partners with paths to monetization
  • Provide your partners with the ability to manage and support their products

Presented by:

Roger Mall, Sales Engineer Lead - EMEA, AppDirect

Hosted on: BrightTALK


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