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Tightly integrated with Google Cloud Platform, AppDirect makes it easy to resell the full suite of Google Cloud products and solutions, bundled with your own products and services. This enables simpler provisioning and billing for IaaS products, reducing cost of deployment and minimizing churn around solutions management.

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Hannover Messe 2020

Why meet with AppDirect at Google Cloud Next?

The AppDirect platform helps companies build and grow digital ecosystems of all types, from marketplaces that showcase software that complements a company’s products, to fully commerce-enabled developer ecosystems with onboarding, provisioning, and management capabilities.

With AppDirect's platform, you can:

  • Launch branded digital marketplace
  • Get to market quickly and cost effectively
  • Drive SaaS revenue goals
  • Complex billing, pricing plan and subscription management, reporting and reconciliation
  • Reseller onboarding, sales automation and customer management
  • Single sign-on and directory integration
AppDirect at Hannover Messe

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