Challenges in the Era of Digital Transformation: Survey Report

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Explore the Ongoing Impact of Digital Change. Even successful digital transformations, projects that meet all of their goals, can create a host of new obstacles that may impact future growth. Explore these challenges in depth.

Companies embark on transformation journeys to solve stubborn business problems: operational inefficiencies, slow time to market, and a subpar customer experience, just to name a few. However, our report finds that a strong majority of companies are discovering new challenges as they use digital transformation to solve old problems.

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Understand the New Obstacles that Digital Transformation Can Bring

We are entering the next phase of digital transformation, one where strategies must change often and companies need the ability to pivot quickly. As companies face this new reality, how are they responding?

The survey report explores:

  • Digital Transformation Today

    What Digital Transformation Looks Like Now

    Explores how many organizations are undertaking digital transformation projects and the reasons why.

  • Digital Transformation Challenges

    Challenges that Arise After Digital Transformation

    Details the problems that digital changes can cause, such as increased complexity and difficulty demonstrating return on investment.

  • Expectations and Reality in Digital Transformation

    Gaps Between Digital Transformation Expectations and Reality

    Explains how the results of digital projects often fail to meet the desired outcomes.

  • Digital Commerce GTM Capabilities

    Persistent Issues with Digital Commerce Go-to-Market Capabilities

    Looks at the go-to-market capabilities that organizations still struggle with even after the successful completion of a digital transformation project.

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As digital transformation evolves, it is creating a new set of challenges that organizations must solve. These include thorny problems like increasing IT and operational complexity, ROI that’s difficult to measure, and issues rolling out digital solutions company wide.


Key Takeaways from the Report

The Challenges in the New Era of Digital Transformation: Survey Report features dozens of relevant findings, including:

  • 72% of companies encounter new challenges as they undergo digital transformation
  • 49% of companies have too many commerce processes that must be done manually
  • 32% of companies believe they will need a "phase II" digital transformation project
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