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Cloud Management Suite

Tools to help organizations of all sizes better manage multiple cloud services.


Today's business technology buyers expect to be able to find, buy and manage the software they need in the cloud. However, integrating the management of multiple SaaS services has been a significant challenge for all businesses.

With the AppDirect Cloud Management Suite, comprised of four components AppWise, AppInsights, AppIdentity and AppHelp, organizations can easily manage & get support for multiple cloud services. AppWise unlocks search across multiple cloud services to quickly find the documents, e-mails, sales or service data to be more productive. AppInsights delivers data visualizations to create insights out of your data. AppHelp enables service providers to sell, onboard, and support technology services to improve market share, mitigate churn and increase lifetime value. AppIdentity seamlessly links multiple SaaS applications with highly secure single-sign on, directory integration and user management.

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"While in the past Deutsche Telekom had invented cloud tools and solutions on our own, AppDirect stepped in and provided everything we needed to get a marketplace up and running. It was the starting point of what has become a very good relationship, and we're thrilled to have AppDirect by our side in our journey to bring cloud services/IT to life."

- Lutz Frolich, VP Marketing Cloud Services
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AppWise - The intelligent workspace for you and yo

The content you need to get work done is spread across an increasing number of application siloes. AppWise unlocks the knowledge that's trapped in email, templates, presentations and more and enables you and your team to utilize the full power of your organizational wisdom.

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Intelligent Workspace for You and Team

AppInsights - A command center for your business

AppInsights delivers data that people can act on. KPI Dashboards deliver relevant information to the right people at the right time, helping them define their goals and providing insight on how they can best reach these benchmarks.

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Command Center for Your Business

AppHelp - Support for the customer journey

AppHelp delivers solutions that help service providers and ISVs, sell, onboard and support technology services to improve market share, mitigate churn and increase lifetime value.

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AppIdentity - Access management for all apps in on

With multiple credentials across multiple users, applications, and systems, managing identity and access management is one of today’s primary business technology challenges. AppIdentity helps companies meet this obstacle head on, giving organizations complete administrative control over cloud consumption. AppIdentity enables companies to drive organizational productivity and security with a powerful set of tools that includes single sign-on, directory integration, user management, thousands of pre-integrated applications, and much more.

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