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AppReseller Features

Drive sales by harnessing the power of a reseller network.

The AppDirect Reseller Management Service powers a world-class partner management program to enable an unlimited number of third-parties to resell your products and services. Cloud app resellers can independently onboard customers, place purchase orders, and manage end users. Your program administrators can efficiently audit and manage your reseller network, all through one platform.

Reseller Onboarding & Management

Give each cloud reseller the tools and automation required to sell to and manage customers.

AppDirect offers all of the tools needed to manage a global reseller program. Once on-boarded, resellers can invite and manage their own colleagues. You can use our fully internationalized content management system (CMS) to share sales enablement materials with resellers. In addition, our reseller management functions and audit logs allow you to keep close tabs on your resellers to maintain the highest customer service standards.

  • Icons60X60 Migrate Existing Reseller

    Migrate Existing Resellers

    AppDirect allows for quick and efficient onboarding of reseller teams. Minimal setup is required thanks to integrations with all third-party CRMs. Choose an integration and migrate your existing sales team and their associated customers in minutes.

  • Icons60X60 Self Administration


    AppDirect empowers your reseller network with highly efficient administration tools so that they can focus on selling. Resellers can invite and manage colleagues to minimize your support tickets. Professional profiles also ensure that all of your reseller contact information is kept up to date within both AppDirect and your CRM.

  • Icons60X60 Onboard New Resellers

    Onboard New Resellers

    Service providers can onboard resellers directly to the AppDirect platform. We support invite-only programs, or you can allow sign ups to a hosted registration flow. We offer visibility into pending registrations complete with intuitive reseller approval and onboarding workflows. Once onboarded, resellers can gain privileges based on qualified program tiers. Ensure that resellers only access and manage the customers, verticals, and products they have been certified to support.

  • Icons60X60 Reseller Management

    Reseller Management

    AppDirect offers a sophisticated toolset that you will need to manage a world-class reseller program. Administrators can easily manage each reseller with invite, disable, and role management functions. In addition, you can manage deal registration approvals, reseller tiers, and privileges so that you can customize and administer any program type. View reseller sales performance data such as customer, subscriptions, invoices, payments, and payouts to measure the success of your program.

  • Icons60X60 Content Management System

    Content Management System

    With our CMS you can deliver content to your partners to equip them with the information and tools they need to drive sales. Use the CMS to share content such as FAQs, feature specs, support information, pricing information, videos, documents, and much more. You can also restrict access to content to make sure that resellers can only view content relevant to the program tier for which they are they are approved.

  • Icons60X60 Administrative Logs

    Administrative Logs

    Managers can gain peace of mind with an easy view into reseller sales performance. Detailed, downloadable audit logs show a history of all reseller actions and give managers the insight they need to hold resellers to the highest customer service standards.

  • Icons60X60 Internationalization


    AppDirect offers a fully internationalized reseller management service that supports every language and character. Our content publishing flows let you easily create multi-lingual content to educate and empower your global resellers to maximize your international reach.

Reseller Sales Automation and Customer Management

Drive sales with a seamless self-service procurement experience.

AppDirect empowers your resellers with all of the sales automation and customer management tools they need to drive deals. They can register deals for approval or receive qualified opportunities to close. They can create, upgrade, downgrade, and cancel subscriptions on behalf of customers, as well as view orders, invoices, and payment data related to their sales. They can also access user management functions to invite customer users, reset passwords, manage roles, and get restricted access to customer accounts for troubleshooting to offer fast, effective customer service.

  • Icons60X60 Deal Registration

    Deal Registration

    Assign qualified opportunities to resellers so that they can convert them and drive more sales. Resellers can also register their own deals and give you the data you need to approve the deal. Our workflows can enable both referral and reseller based partner programs. Moreover, you can integrate with leading CRMs to keep your indirect and direct sales in sync.

  • Icons60X60 Purchase Workflows

    Purchase Workflows

    Resellers can place purchase orders on behalf of customers for any product they are certified to sell. Products can be purchased with or without customer action, and our subscription billing and payment management system supports resellers creating, upgrading, downgrading, and canceling orders.

  • Icons60X60 Provisioning Engine

    Provisioning Engine

    The AppDirect subscription management system provisions accounts through its event engine. Subscription and access management notifications can be pushed to your backend with easy endpoint integrations. Additionally, when resellers place orders, you can automatically create customer accounts and grant access privileges.

  • Icons60X60 Assoc Reseller Purchase

    Associate Resellers to a Self-Service Purchase

    Customers can choose to link a self-service purchase to any reseller. Once selected, the reseller is approved for recognition of the sale and management of the order.

  • Icons60X60 User Management

    User Management

    AppDirect provides all of the necessary tools for resellers to manage their customers throughout the entire lifecycle of a company. Resellers can invite users, assist with password resets, and other functions essential to customer satisfaction.

  • Icons60X60 Subscription Management

    Subscription Billing and Payment Management

    After resellers make purchases on behalf of customers, they have the power to manage and update those subscriptions to meet changing customer needs. Moreover, they can view all order, invoice, and payment data related to every sale, and use data visualization to track sales performance.

Automate Back-office Operations

Reduce your program costs by automating back-office operations.

AppDirect back-office automation features support any reseller program type, such as referral, revenue share, bonus, and discount-based. We handle all of the subscription billing and payment management operations, including the reconciliation and payout process for complex revenue share-based programs. We also offer advanced analytics and reporting tools so you can monitor the success of your program.

  • Icons60X60 Share Based Reseller Program

    Share-based Reseller Program

    With this program type, a reseller bills a customer at list price and then places an order at the same price through the reseller portal to earn a payout at the end of each billing period. AppDirect allows you to set revenue share rates to compensate resellers. You can set a default rate for all of your resellers and custom rates for your premier partners. Moreover, you can track your revenue share agreements by viewing all current and historic revenue-sharing percentages for any of your products and services by reseller.

  • Icons60X60 Realtime Payout Rev Program

    Real-time Payout and Reconciliation (for Bonus and Revenue Share Programs)

    AppDirect handles all reseller reconciliations and payouts automatically. The reconciliation engine accounts for discounts and promotions applied to determine the share owed to each party in a transaction. It can also handle different revenue share rates for each reseller to accommodate agreements that may vary from one reseller to another.

  • Icons60X60 Discount Based Program

    Discount-based Reseller Program

    With this program type, a reseller bills a customer at list price and then places an order at a discount to list price through your reseller portal. The reseller then earns a commission on the difference between the customer invoice price and the discount order price. You can set reseller specific pricing plans to enable discounted order placements and compensate them for selling your products and services to customers at list price.

  • Icons60X60 Bonus Based Program

    Bonus-based Reseller Program

    This program type entails a reseller billing a customer at list price and then placing an order at list price through the reseller portal to earn a one-time bonus payout. You can set percentage of contract value bonus rates for your resellers to compensate them for selling your products and services in the same way you do with your sales representatives. As with other programs, you can set a default rate for all of your resellers and custom rates for your premier partners.

  • Icons60X60 Reporting


    The Reseller Management Service offers all of the reporting you need to manage your reseller program, including data on customers, orders, invoices, and payments segmented by reseller. You can view and manage data through online dashboards or simply export data as CSV files. In addition, you can utilize APIs to run your own analytics.

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