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Application Marketplace

The AppDirect Application Marketplace offers an interactive experience that reduces the search cost of finding the perfect solution.

Save your customers from massive, cluttered, and irrelevant referral listings. Offer customers the information, tools, and community to both discover and buy the right solution in the same place: your store.

Intuitive search tools yield great results.

Let customers easily drill down and compare their most relevant apps.

Whether a customer is searching for apps to perform a specific function, or looking for suggestions related to their industry, our search engine will help find exactly what they need. Multiple results can be easily parsed via grid view and evaluated with our easy-to-use comparison tool.

  • Icons60X60 Filter

    Filter by categories, attributes, and more

    Customers can fine tune their search with advanced filters that enable them to drill into categories, industries, attributes, and product types.

  • Icons60X60 Sort

    Sort for what matters most

    Customers can sort by the attributes that matter the most to them, such as ratings, popularity, price, product age, and more.

  • Icons60X60 Compare

    Comparison tool

    Customers can select products that they want to compare on a range of metrics including ratings, price, and features.

  • Icons60X60 Grid

    Grid view

    Grid view displays items in a paginated, multi-dimensional grid that provides an alternative to the list view. The grid view presents items across and down the page sorted according to the criteria selected in the recommendation engine, making it easy to choose and compare apps.

Crucial decision-making details, at a glance.

Your customers will fall in love at first sight.

Robust multimedia storefronts allow customers to learn about every benefit and feature an application has to offer, while vendors can customize app profiles and take advantage of Q&A forums to interact directly with prospective users.

  • Icons60X60 Overview


    Where customers can meet and greet applications on your store. Gives customers a complete understanding of what the application does, who it is for, and how it can help them. They can see product ratings and read user reviews. Customers can also take a tour, see screen shots, and watch a demo to get a sense of the product and the developers behind it.

  • Icons60X60 Features

    Features and benefits

    From this section, customers can preview the high-level benefits of an application and get a feel for the product within seconds. They can then drill down into each functional area to satisfy more detailed product questions and interests.

  • Icons60X60 Questions And Answers

    Question and answer forum

    Customers ask questions, and developers answer them. We enable customers to interact directly with the creators of each product. Customers will love you for connecting them with the ultimate application experts—the developers. Customers can also search all of the questions and answers in the forum to help them find a solution to a problem quickly.

  • Icons60X60 Support


    Let customers find out what kind of support options vendors offer, where to get answers, and whom to contact.

  • Icons60X60 Resources


    Customers can delve into resources and take the next step in understanding applications. Resources can include videos, articles, web seminars, or anything the developer provides to demonstrate how their application can help customers.

  • Icons60X60 Pricing

    Editions and pricing

    Customers can review their options when looking to trial or subscribe to an application. They can compare plans and pricing and see any special offers if available before making a selection.

  • Icons60X60 Screenshots


    Customers can take a closer look at the product with real screenshots that show the various elements and states of the product in action.

  • Icons60X60 Demo


    See the product in action through a video or other type of demo. Short of trialing the product, this offers the best way to see how the application works and get a real feel for the value proposition.

Honest ratings and unbiased reviews.

Allow your customers to benefit from the opinions of others in their industry.

Users can join the conversation about an app they're considering. Ratings from real people using the apps in your marketplace help guide decision making and allow customers to talk to the community about their experiences.

  • Icons60X60 Read And Write Reviews

    Read and write reviews

    Registered users can read app reviews left by other customers and author reviews of their own. The form allows for a summary title and a longer, more in-depth review. ISVs are notified when someone rates and/or reviews their product.

  • Icons60X60 Comment On Reviews

    Comment on reviews

    Users can comment on reviews left by others. Such comments can express agreement with the initial sentiment, or ask for clarification on the original user's experience.

  • Icons60X60 Rate Products

    Rate products

    When writing a review, users can also rate the product on a scale of one to five. The average star rating is then displayed on the application’s profile page, as well as next to the app in search results.

Customized cloud application recommendations.

Customers can try and buy applications moments after registration.

Recommend a mix of applications best suited to your customers’ needs. Your customers can trial recommendations, share them with their team, and deploy new technology across their entire organization with just a few clicks.

  • Icons60X60 Recommendations

    Offer recommendations based on customer characteristics

    Customers can select solutions intelligently picked for them by AppDirect’s recommendation engine based on their registration profile. AppDirect takes the work out of finding the best applications for your customers and helps them increase productivity immediately.

  • Icons60X60 Browse Recommendation Results

    Browse results

    Customers can review the recommended applications with descriptions, feature details, customer reviews, and pricing. They can then add them to their account with one click, or shuffle to the next application until they find the one that’s right for them.

  • Icons60X60 Instantly Try Recommendations

    Instantly try recommendations

    Customers can access and try recommended applications alone or with their colleagues. Once customers set up their account, the recommended apps they selected get automatically loaded to their MyApps page. In this way, customers can find what they need in a few simple clicks then get back to business with new and fully provisioned software.

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