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Application Manager

Let your customers access and manage all of their applications from one simple and safe site.

Free them from the security headache of needing to use a separate password for each of their applications. No more adding team members to applications from multiple sites. No more managing bills and payments from multiple gateways. Finally, let them use and manage the best web-based business applications in one place: your store.

Administer everything in one place with identity and access management.

Accessing and sharing cloud solutions has never been easier or more secure.

Introduce your customers to the future of cloud computing. No more managing separate passwords for every application, or logging into several sites to grant new users access to applications. Free your customers from inconvenient practices that pose a huge security risk. AppDirect allows your users to access all of their applications with just one password and lets them manage access to those apps across their organization.

  • Icons60X60 Automated

    Automated order fulfillment

    We provision all applications on demand, providing your customers with immediate access to features, services, and seats as soon as they buy an application from your branded marketplace.

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    Role management

    The AppDirect platform allows your customers to delegate responsibilities by role type within their virtual workspace. Your client administrators can assign privileges to different users based on their seniority or work responsibilities. For example, they can give billing administration responsibilities to a procurement officer or controller.

  • Icons60X60 Singlesignon

    Single Sign-On (SSO)

    Offer your users single sign-on access to all their applications. We’ve made using a web-based application on our platform an easy, one-click experience. We enable SSO through leading security standards such as OpenID and SAML 2.0. This mitigates the risk and complexity of managing multiple passwords. Your customers can now enjoy a simple user experience backed by enterprise grade security, which will drive their adoption and usage of applications on your store.

  • Icons60X60 Cloudaccess

    Cloud access management (provisioning and deprovisioning applications)

    AppDirect not only makes it easy for your customers to access and use applications, but also makes it equally easy to share applications. Customers can assign or un-assign applications from one simple interface. They can simply click on an application icon, and then on the users they want to grant access to, or vice versa. There’s no better way to drive usage and retention of services on your store than by making it easy for your customers to securely share the products they love.

  • Icons60X60 Password

    Password policies

    AppDirect allows your customers to set their own password policies. They can manage the levels of character complexity and length requirements they’d like to enforce. They can also set password expiration cycles to ensure their users continuously change their passwords for added security.

  • Icons60X60 Centraluseradmin

    Central user administration

    Offer a broad set of user management tools including inviting new users, assigning roles, managing user access, analytics, and service adoption flows. Client administrators can track their users’ service consumption and behavior patterns through an activity feed or a dashboard. If a service bought by a user gains widespread usage within his or her organization, a client administrator can choose to adopt the subscription and manage it going forward.

Get paid without lifting a finger.

Our seamless, automated billing engine takes the hassle out of selling applications.

Through your branded marketplace, customers can subscribe to the applications they need and easily manage their subscriptions though a single, secure self-service portal. They can customize each subscription as needed, upgrading, purchasing additional seats, tracking usage, and more.

Billing is just as seamless. With our on-demand billing engine, your customers can manage their own orders, invoices, and payments. AppDirect will then processes transactions, pay vendors, and deposit revenue to your designated merchant account.

  • Icons60X60 Auditlogs

    Product Catalog

    A system for managing and modifying existing price plans, as well as creating new products and plans in real time.

    • Charge one-time, recurring, and metered-based pricing.
    • Support for flat- and usage-rate price plans based on tiers or volume.
    • Support multiple editions per product.
    • Support price bans for volume discounts.
    • Bill for usage-based overage pricing.
    • Support recurring billing for terms of any length, including monthly, quarterly, and annually.
    • Enable proration by usage or for any partial time periods.
    • Support for multiple currencies.
    • Full reporting and analytics on all products and plans.
  • Icons60X60 Subscriptionmanagement

    Subscription Management

    A single, centralized engine for managing all subscriptions which maintains and displays a full history of all changes and amendments.

    • Offer one view of all subscriptions.
    • Support all changes and amendments: users, add-ons, changes to rate plans, changes to usage tiers, cancellations and re-activation of service.
    • Support automatic renewals.
    • Centrally provision all products and services.
    • Full audit trail that meets regulatory and compliance requirements.
    • Bulk import and export orders, amendments, and usage data.
    • Reporting and analytics for all subscriptions, orders, and amendments over time for every customer.
  • Icons60X60 Billingoperations

    Billing Operations

    A system for automating billing, invoicing, payments, and collections.

    • Acts as a billing engine which calculates charges for invoices.
    • Support the running of invoices, individually or batched.
    • Imports actual usage rates for metered billing.
    • Supports scheduled and in-time bill run options.
    • Provides fully customizable template based invoices.
    • Has the ability to review invoices before sending and adjust if necessary.
    • Supports customizable codes to meet revenue recognition needs.
    • Enables reporting and analytics on all invoices and customer charges.
    • Provides web services API to enable secure integration to any financial package.
  • Icons60X60 Paymentoperations

    Payment Operations

    A system which automates charging recurring payments and handling failed electronic payment scenarios.

    • Provides a payment workflow to handle recurring payment schedules and supports fixed, variable, and usage-based payments.
    • Supports pre-paid and post-paid payment processing scenarios.
    • Supports online payment methods, including ACH, credit cards, debit cards, wire transfers, and e-check payments. Integrates with the necessary payment gateways.
    • Supports pre-authorized limits leveraging the Adaptive Payments capabilities of PayPal X.
    • Supports “offline” payment handling for cash and checks.
    • Accepts advance payment, in arrears, or partial payments.
    • Supports scheduling of automated payment runs.
    • Provides a workflow to anticipate and handle failed electronic payment scenarios such as:
      • Invalid credit card number or credit card is rejected.
      • Credit card number is expired or the credit card has exceed its limit.
    • Enables the easy correction and addressing of payment errors.
    • Protects sensitive customer data with encryption up to or exceeding PCI DSS v1.2 standards.
    • Includes built-in multi-currency support.
    • Supports automatically applying payments against invoices and automates reconciliations.
  • Icons60X60 Collections


    A system to track, analyze, and facilitate the collection of past-due payments from customers.

    • Provides a full collection workflow, which includes notification triggers and alerts.
    • Provides an automated dunning workflow for past-due and suspension notices.
    • Provides fully customizable templates for all customer collection emails.
    • Provides workflow for disputes and chargebacks.
    • Reports to enable non-payment and collection analysis.
  • Icons60X60 Taxation


    A system that supports different types of taxes.

    • Supports adding taxes to invoices automatically.
    • Enables multiple tax rates on different products.
    • Supports exemptions for tax-exempt customers.
    • Tracks whether customers have been verified as tax exempt.
    • Complies with legal requirements to display taxes on invoices.
  • Icons60X60 Customermanagement

    Customer Management

    A centralized system to manage customer subscription payment information, including terms, status, adjustments, credits, histories, current account balances, and preferred methods.

    • Provides one centralized view of all customer accounts and their payment preferences.
    • Supports any recurring payment term, including ad hoc, annual, monthly, quarterly, or daily.
    • Supports multiple payment methods per customer.
    • Maintains customer account balances.
    • Provides full support for adjustments, discounts, and credits to customer balances.
    • Supports auto-pay so that payment automatically occurs after a set number of days.
    • Provides real-time visibility into the status and amount due per customer.
    • Provides full payment history and audit trails for payment disputes and compliance.
    • Provides reporting and analysis on all customer accounts, balances, and payments.
    • Includes CRM integration capabilities.

The power of social.

Familiar social features promote collaboration like never before.

Intuitive tools, like news feeds and profiles, add a layer of rich interaction to team discussions, turn static content into living knowledge, and enable employee collaboration from anywhere.

  • Icons60X60 Profiles

    Professional profiles

    End users that belong to large teams can now put faces to the names of their colleagues, allowing them to share their interests, experiences, and skills with coworkers. Full privacy settings give user’s control of what profile information gets shared.

  • Icons60X60 Directoryservices

    Directory service

    Let customers easily find others within their organization. Client employees can mine their company's social network and find experts with the answers they need to make decisions and take action.

  • Icons60X60 Newsfeed

    News feed

    Customers can see activity updates across all the people and applications in their professional community—all in one, single view. They'll never miss a thing. AppDirect’s news feed offers a personalized view of the community actions that matter most.

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