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AppMarket Features

Launch a white-label marketplace to sell your own core offerings and third-party products.


AppMarket enables you to sell core services or third-party cloud products through white-label marketplaces. The service simplifies complex aspects of selling cloud products with automated billing, provisioning, and subscription management. Service Providers choose AppMarket for its launch speed, low cost of ownership, and ability to scale a growing cloud business.

App Market Features

"While in the past Deutsche Telekom had invented cloud tools and solutions on our own, AppDirect stepped in and provided everything we needed to get a marketplace up and running. It was the starting point of what has become a very good relationship, and we're thrilled to have AppDirect by our side in our journey to bring cloud services/IT to life."

- Lutz Frolich, Senior Vice President for Cloud Services
Customer Deutsche Telekom

Application Marketplace

Let customers easily drill down and compare products most relevant to them. Make shopping easy and fun. Customers learn about each product benefit, feature, and detail through dynamic profiles that vendors can populate to best market their offering. Empower customers to express their opinion and curate applications for you. Your customers can make you a trusted source for quality in the cloud. Automatically suggest a mix of cloud services to your customers that fits their company size and industry needs.

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App Market Features App Marketplace

Application Manager

Let customers access and manage all of their cloud services from one secure location. No more managing separate passwords for every application. Offer customers the service assurance of paying and managing subscriptions to multiple applications in one secure place. Weave your platform into the social fabric of your client organizations. Help your customers share and collaborate while driving service adoption.

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App Market Features App Manager

Developer Center

Empower developers to easily list, manage, and promote their products on your marketplace. Give them the resources they need to thrive. Offer a state of the art application on-boarding experience that automates integration testing, management, and reporting. Let developers track their customer orders, invoices, and payments on your marketplace.

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App Market Features Developer Center

Marketplace Manager

Administer your native developer community, federate services from our network, and manage the products on your marketplace. Utilize the tools and analytics savvy web-based companies use to drive conversions and retention rates. Bundle services that complement each other to target audiences and offer discounts and promotions to drive sales. Automate your marketplace back-office including all subscription, invoicing, payment, and reconciliation management.

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App Market Features Marketplace Manager