Visibility & Sharing

AppInsights can be used to promote a metrics-driven culture among your fellow users and colleagues. To do this effectively requires consistent interaction with your dashboards, with an open dialogue surrounding their content. The sections below outline the variety of methods available for dashboard sharing:

Preview mode

The most basic presentation feature we offer, Display mode allows users to hide AppInsights menus for a larger dashboard view that is ideal for group viewing around a single monitor or screen. If you’ve made the decision to hide the AppInsights dashboard header or footer -- see our Basic Styling tutorial -- these changes will be reflected in Display mode. Hit the eye icon at top left of the dashboards to toggle Display mode on and off.


Share links & Collections

If you’re interested in sharing a live dashboard with a colleague or customer without offering editing privileges, you’ll want to use our share link feature. Share links are also ideal for representing a dashboard permanently in a company lobby, conference room, or call center as they simply require an active browser tab for proper representation.

You can create share-links for individual dashboards -- each with a unique URL -- or create a dashboard collection with a corresponding share link that will cycle through each live dashboard at a specified interval. Thorough instructions on both options can be viewed by following the link below:

Share Links: How to create a link to one or more dashboards

Mobile Access

Your AppInsights dashboards are compatible on mobile devices with modern browsers such as Safari on iOS or Chrome on Android. Whether you’re viewing a share-link or have logged in to the AppInsights application, your dashboard will automatically optimize to fit your screen.

Please note that vertical stacking is not available for dashboards that are accessed from a mobile device. The layout of the dashboards will imitate what you are used to seeing on a standard computer or laptop screen.